Request an IT Audit

Request an IT Audit

Leading the pack with the Concise Technology Audit since 2006

Could your business benefit from an IT Audit? Learning more about the state of your technology and computer infrastructure can help drive better decision making and even uncover problems before they become major crises. Since 2006 Concise Computer Consulting has been providing unparalleled IT audits to those in the Detroit Metro area and other surrounding regions in the mid-west.

To ensure the highest customer satisfaction, we’ve engineered what we call the Concise Technology Audit (CTA). This process includes both a thorough review of your information technology as well as comprehensive documentation detailing our findings of the existing IT infrastructure, with an eye toward identifying gaps or shortcomings in infrastructure, as well as establishing a centralized repository of all relevant asset data. 

Our IT audits are comprehensive and cover both hardware and software resources.

Our Standard Business IT Audit Includes:

  • An on-site appointment to gather relevant information
  • Listing all relevant I.T. assets, including workstations, servers, network hardware, printers, etc.., including:
    • Device Name
    • Service Tag / Asset Tag
    • Physical Location
    • Network Address, if applicable
    • Operating System, if applicable
    • Acquisition Date
    • Warranty Expiration and Coverage Type, if applicable
  • Reviewing security software deployments
  • Documenting essential application configuration and data locations
  • Generating network diagram, if applicable
  • Documenting router/firewall configuration, if applicable
  • Evaluating essential system metrics for all computers (e.g. hard drive space and health, “idle” RAM and CPU utilization)
  • Documenting data backup protocols (both on-site and off-site), if applicable
  • Checking server performance
  • Consolidating key vendor and support contact information

Contact us today for a thorough and valuable IT audit for your business. Our findings and recommendations could be exactly what your business has been missing.

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