Remote IT Support Services

Remote IT Support Services

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When Concise Computer Consulting was founded in 2006, the overwhelming majority of services were performed on-site (at the client’s offices or homes). Since then, and with the advent of high-speed internet, our business model has changed. These days, while we still perform regular on-site service, the majority of our work is remote IT support.

How do we provide remote IT Support?

Surprisingly, many of the issues experienced by our clients do not demand direct interaction with hardware. Using a professional and secure remote computer software, we can share access, view and control of your machine from miles away. Using this technology we can instantly analyze your issue and attempt to deploy a solution with our remote IT support.

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Benefits of Remote IT Support:

  • We are able to assist clients that are having IT issues anywhere. Whether you’re in the office, traveling or working from home, we can help.
  • NO WAITING. Service is delivered nearly instantaneously.
  • Remote support is less expensive for smaller issues.
  • If the computer is on, we can fix the issue. You don’t have to sit there and wait.

Best Offsite IT Support In Michigan

We lead the way with convenient remote and off-site IT support for both businesses and residential clients. And while we do love to help our clients onsite, our remote IT support services truly are unmatched by any of our competitors. Concise Computer consulting’s remote IT support technicians are the most patient, responsible and understanding when it comes to any computer issue you may be experiencing at home or in the office.

Whether you’re experiencing a server emergency, or are just struggling to get your computer up and running, contact us by phone or online for superior remote IT support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How secure is your remote software?

Very. Concise uses a customized remote access utility that is locked down using enterprise-grade security. We’re always happy to discuss the measures we use to secure remote access if you are more interested. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Q: Can I disable your remote access when you are not helping me?

Absolutely. We can teach you how to close and turn on the software yourself. We can also configure our remote access software to require your approval before the remote control is granted to one of our technicians.

Q: Where is my wallpaper/screen background?

When we connect to your computer, the remote access utility temporarily removes the desktop background in order to optimize the connection speed. Don’t worry though – as soon as we disconnect from your device, the screen background will immediately reappear.

Q: Do you offer remote IT support services online?

While not every problem can be easily resolved online, we do offer a live chat service and are happy to communicate via email. Although depending on the severity of your computer problem, we may require getting on the phone.