Microsoft Outlook Support

Microsoft Outlook Support

Troubleshooting in the Trenches.

It’s difficult to think of a program that is more synonymous with business communication than Microsoft Outlook. Outlook is used for email, calendar management, and numerous other tasks. Which is why we’ve resolved 4,700 client issues with Outlook in 13 years. As Microsoft Silver Cloud Solutions Partner, we have the expertise and real-world experience to fix issues on the fly.

Types of Microsoft Outlook Support provided:

  • Installation of Microsoft Outlook
  • Assistance with features that are not working properly
  • Creation of email filtering rules
  • Configuring Outlook to function with a Gmail account or other third parties (non-Microsoft-hosted email accounts)
  • Password issues
  • Issues printing from Outlook
  • Issues accessing Outlook
  • Recovering deleted emails
  • Email forwarding
  • Autoresponders
  • Email spoofing and security
  • Exporting emails to .pst
  • Importing emails from .pst
  • Outlook Licensing
  • Shared Mailboxes
  • Distribution Lists
  • Shared Calendars
  • Calendar Invites

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you a Microsoft Partner?

Concise Computer Consulting is a Microsoft Silver Cloud Solutions Partner, and we have been for many years.

Q: Can you train us on how to use Microsoft Outlook?

Yes! In addition to installation, configuration, and troubleshooting, we often are asked by clients to teach them how to utilize specific features in Microsoft Outlook.

Q: What’s the difference between Microsoft Outlook on my computer and online?

Since 2006, we have been providing support to clients that have Microsoft Outlook installed on their computers. Years later, Microsoft created Office 365, which allows clients to access their email through a web-based product, also called Outlook. This is a part of Exchange Online and has pretty much all of the same functionality in the desktop product. Your email is present in both the desktop version as well as the online edition, and the online edition is particularly useful in case problems arise with the desktop edition. 

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