Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Services

Hardrives, files, photos, software; they’re never really gone.

Concise Computer Consulting has helped clients safely and securely recover data for over 14 years. We provide several different levels of data recovery for damaged hard disk drives (both laptops, desktops, and servers), as well as other types of storage media.

data recovery services

Basic Software Data Recovery (On-Premises)

Are you struggling with a corrupted file or an accidental deletion? Don’t worry about it! If a client cannot access their data due to file system corruption, accidental format or deletion, or even a severe computer virus, we can often recover the data using our sophisticated data recovery software. We have also had success recovering data from hard drives in the primary stages of mechanical failure using this approach. When it comes to recovering your data, there’s no team more experienced or determined to assist.

Advanced Hardware Data Recovery (Off-Premises)

In extreme cases of hardware failure where drives are non-responsive, we can immediately ship the hard disk drive out overnight to a premier data recovery lab in North America (we are affiliated with various data recovery labs), where it is disassembled and diagnosed in an ISO-certified clean room environment. Our affiliate data recovery specialists have a successful recovery rate of 94%. Before you even consider giving up on lost files or photos, let us do everything we can to help out. Our data recovery services are second to none and have helped thousands reverse their data crises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the success rate for your data recovery service?

A: If we are unable to recover the data locally here in our office, it is then shipped to our affiliate data recovery lab, which has a success rate of 94%.

Q: I have accidentally deleted some important files; will I be able to get them back?

A: Most likely, yes! The important factor is how long ago you deleted the file. Time is of the essence. The more you write data to your computer after an accidental deletion, the less likely we will be able to recover it.

Q: Should I use a software program to recover my hard drive data?

A: Data recovery services are best left to the experts rather than a general software program While there are off-the-shelf solutions for data recovery, there is a greater risk for data corruption and data loss if you attempt this type of operation yourself. We strongly recommend against attempting data recovery on your own.