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Work Remotely (Securely) With Ease

One of the most common requests Concise receives is assistance configuring the ability for clients to work remotely. Workplace trends have evolved to allow for remote workers in many fields (formerly known as “tele-commuting”). While working remotely is convenient – it should be done securely, and in a way that integrates with the current IT infrastructure. Concise has configured remote access for hundreds of clients, both large and small.

While there are other solutions available, our favorite way to accomplish these projects is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). The connection is encrypted so that your data is safe from anyone attempting to inspect your network traffic. This allows for safe access to your local network from the Internet.

The most common uses for VPNs are:

  • If an employee takes their laptop out of the office, a VPN will allow encrypted access to the office network resources.
  • If an employee wants to access a desktop computer in the office remotely, this can be done from most computers once connected via VPN.
  • If a client has more than one location, a site-to-site VPN allows for head and branch offices to be connected at all times to share data.  Both networks are essentially “joined at the hip”.

A network infrastructure upgrade may be required to properly configure a VPN. It is a good idea to have your network audited by Concise even if you do not need a VPN. A business class firewall should be in place for proper network security. Many office problems can be resolved if the network is configured properly.

Contact Concise today to discuss what dream solution we can come up with for improving your workflow! We can handle the project from start to finish which includes the hardware installation (if needed), software configuration, and demonstration/training.

by:  David Zuchora