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Ways to Reach Concise

A broken computer or worse a down business is never fun. However, the way you reach out to us may help get you faster service. Below are all the ways to reach us ranking from best to worst (all ways are effective some are just faster than others):  😀

☎ Telephone Call:  Calling our office is going to be the most effective way, and it’s what most of our clients do. If we are out of the office or tied up (this is rare, but it does happen) please always leave a voicemail, it helps to know what we are dealing with. We do also offer emergency service for after hours and weekends, leaving a voicemail on the emergency line assures the fastest response for those situations because our entire team of technicians is notified!

?️Create a Ticket:  Clients also have the ability to short-circuit everything in this list and simply create us a trouble ticket in our own ticketing system!  If you would like access to this feature, please let us know.

Electronic Mail: All of the technicians as well as myself monitor the support inbox all day. I even have it on my laptop at home! If its something you want taken care of that day but it’s not an emergency feel free to e-mail us at: 

(͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) Our Website:  Filling out the form on our contact us page sends an e-mail directly to support which noted above we monitor all day. This is especially helpful for our new clients because it gives us your telephone number as well as an e-mail so we have two ways to contact you!

Text:  If you’re in a rush and do not have time to speak on the phone you can always send us a text at 248-845-8257

Fax:  Yes, believe it or not, we do still have a fax!  Granted we try to be as paperless as possible so the fax number links up to an e-mail but its also monitored as much as the support inbox. Feel free to send one over to 248-745-8257

?Walk in:  You might think that walking in would be number one, but we do like our clients to know that computers brought into the office are generally given a 3-day turn around (as opposed to remote or on-site, which are more immediate forms of support). We can give you an answer on what is wrong within a short while but we can’t promise a same day fix for in-house work unless it has been expedited. Bringing a PC in is best if there is some kind of hardware failure – it will save you money and time in the long run!

Smoke signalsI sit right next to a window so I will be on the look out!! 😀

Whatever the manner, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

by:  Chelsea Tisher