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Using Third Party VOIP Services with Comcast Business Internet

For the past several weeks, here at Computer Repair Michigan we experienced intermittent call quality issues with our telephone provider, Clarity Voice.  Since we have the highest tier of Comcast Business Internet service at our office, it seemed strange that the cause would be lack of bandwidth, especially since our firewall is actively optimizing VoIP traffic via QoS.

Similarly, one of our clients (who also has Comcast and Clarity) was experiencing similar issues with their VoIP service.

After extensive troubleshooting, it was determined that the issue was caused by the model of Comcast Cable Modem in our office.  The problematic modem was replaced by an SMCD3G-CCR, and the problem was miraculously resolved!

A note of caution:  Comcast will try heavily to sell you their Business VoiceEdge managed VoIP service, however this is not absolutely necessary!  As long as your network has been engineered to prioritize VoIP traffic higher than all other traffic, and provided you have a stable ISP pipe, your should be able to use any VoIP provider of your choosing.

Below, you will find a scanned copy of the Comcast company propaganda on this subject: