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Why robot vacuums are not worth it

Very few people out there actually enjoy cleaning their house. I am one of those people, except for vacuuming. I hate doing it, its loud and scares my poor animals. So I considered getting on of the many robot vacuums on the market. Its quieter and since most of my house is hardwood floors I figured it would be a good idea, that is until I did some research and learned a few things about robot vacuums.

  1. They are expensive! The cheapest one is around $300, and they can go well past $900. For most people that is way out of budget.
  2. They do not have the greatest suction. With 2 cats and a dog, I need a vacuum that is going to do the job. The lack of power was one of the main things that made me reconsider buying one (especially for around $300!).
  3. Last but not least, no robot vacuum on the market is able to do stairs. While most have a sensor that keeps them from falling down a flight of stairs, they are unable to clean them. That is the worst part of vacuuming in my opinion, I hate doing my stairs more than any other part.

You will need to have a regular vacuum on hand in order to successfully handle the stairs, which sort of defeats the purpose of buying a robot vacuum don’t you think?  If you own a robot vacuum and actually like it, we’d love to hear from you.

by:  Chelsea Tisher