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Reasons to use Mozilla Firefox any browser over Internet Explorer

Nine years ago, we had a blog on our site called “Reasons to use Mozilla Firefox over Internet Explorer”. Because technology changes so quickly with time, we’ve decided to resurrect and update this post so that it includes additional up-to-date information. We hope you enjoy!

Internet Explorer, the web browser that comes bundled with the Microsoft Windows operating system, is not the most secure web browser available. What’s even worse is Microsoft’s Edge browser, a watered-down version of IE. This is why we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox over IE. Chrome is a more secure web browser, and it also has many useful features that are lacking in IE.

Rather than enumerating them all, we suggest you just give Google Chrome (or Mozilla Firefox) a try! Suffice it to say that our clients have had very few complaints or problems with alternative browsers to Internet Explorer. Surf the net safely!

by: Jeffrey Atto