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Office 365: Embracing the Future of Microsoft Office Online

If you woke up today and accepted that you’re living in the year 2016, you’ve probably considered switching to Office 365 or Microsoft Hosted Exchange.  Here at Concise, not only are we Microsoft Partners, we’re also experts at facilitating seamless migrations for small businesses eager to embrace the future and get started with Microsoft’s productivity powerhouse.

Here are my…

Top Five Reasons to Switch to Microsoft® Office 365

1.)  It Goes Where You Go – As a Microsoft Office 365 customer, you’ll be able to get access to email, collaboration with colleagues, calendar, and even edit and view important shared documents on just about any device.  Anytime.  Anywhere.  You’ll have complete access to the power of Microsoft Exchange at a coffee shop, on vacation, or wearing pajamas in bed with nothing more than a smartphone.

2.)  Get The Latest Software – Curious about the latest edition of Office and the new features?  With many Office 365 subscriptions, you’ll be able to test drive the latest and greatest Office Suite products without worrying about the dreaded “Buyer’s Remorse”.  As a customer, you’ll also be able to downgrade at will to an earlier edition of Office.  You tested Office 2016 and aren’t ready to dive in all the way?  No problem.  Simply reinstall Office 2013 – All of your settings and profiles are there waiting for you!

3.)  Reliability and Security –  If you’re hosting your own Exchange Server on premises, then you are well aware of the potential disasters that lurk around every corner.  Today it could be a virus or a network worm.  Tomorrow it could be Operating System corruption.  On Wednesday, the internet was out for half the day.  Now I’m going to say something everyone has heard before:  In business, time is money.  My money is on Microsoft hosting Exchange.  Utilizing Office 365 ensures you’re playing it the safest; they have state of the art security measures for their data centers, malware scanning, and a 99.9% uptime.  You also eliminate the need for a 3rd party SPAM service!

4.)  Easy Administration –  Gone are the days of relying on remote access to a server for administration.  Office 365’s administrative portal is easy to use, straightforward and intuitive, and streamline so everything is right where you need it when you need it!  Can’t find what you’re looking for?  No problem!  Which leads me to…

5.)  Support, Support, Support – With a subscription to Office 365, you are entitled to unlimited support for all Office products.  Whether you need help with something as simple as an email rule in Outlook, or perhaps configuring SharePoint, Microsoft has technicians on standby to assist with any need.  Most issues are responded to within 1 hour!

We’re here to help you get started with Microsoft® Office 365 today!

by:  Michael Schneider