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Does your computer desk look like a mess of spaghetti wires and office supplies?
Maybe the desktop on your PC (or Mac) is littered with icons for files and shortcuts that you haven’t used in years.

It may be time for you to embrace a new philosophy for your life that celebrates simplicity and tidiness.

This is the central idea behind minimalism.

Cluttered desktop filled with icons
In the above photo, you can see the (probably all-too familiar) cluttered and disorganized monster.

Simple, clean desktop with zero icons present

On the other hand, here we have a simplistic desktop with no visible icons, a unified color scheme, and an overall fresh feeling.

With Windows 10, Microsoft now gives users the option to hide all desktop icons. Even though they are invisible, all icons are still stored in the Desktop folder, which can be accessed (as usual) by opening up Windows Explorer.

Pro Tip!
– Quickly open Windows Explorer by holding Windows Key + E.

Minimalism at your desk doesn’t stop here, though. Concise’s commitment to a clean workspace means that when we setup a computer (or a server closet) for you, you can rest assured that all of those nasty wires will be manicured with our expert cable management. If we didn’t setup your mess, feel free to have us put our magic to work. No need to fear that spider of cords coming to life!

The photo below is a client site before Concise:

Nest of disorganized cables in need of some clean-up

Here is the same site after Concise:

As you can see, the cables are organized and bundled

Finally, all of the network equipment was moved to an opposite wall with more room, and everything is now labeled and organized:

Network equipment bundled, secured, and organized

By: Mekkel Richards