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Is it time to move your small business data to network attached storage

The benefits of having network attached storage (NAS) in a small office setting can be enormous. Dedicated file sharing without having an expensive server or maybe offloading workload from an existing server.


Synology and Qnap have been producing some excellent solutions for small to medium sized storage devices. These can range from 2-24 disk models and some can be expanded to have even more drive bays. These bays are typically made for 3.5” drives but they can also accommodate 2.5” solid state drives.

Both of these companies utilize software RAID which removes the liability of dedicated RAID cards. In a software RAID the drive array can be relocated to another similar device without the need to purchase or replace an expensive RAID card.

These solutions include a simple and easy to use operating system for user management. Both Synology and Qnap NAS utilize a customized variant of Linux that is rich in features. Here is a list of some of the features that are built in:

  • Cloud Syncing for integration with services like Onedrive or Dropbox
  • Can be integrated with Active Directory
  • Can run as a Domain controller
  • Has NVR functionality for surveillance
  • Virus/malware scanning of stored files
  • iSCSI & virtualization

In the next installment I will go over RAID levels and reasons for choosing them.