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How To Deploy Remote Desktop Services On A Windows Server 2016 Domain Controller

Recently we’ve come across a client that was victim to Ransomware (see our previous blog post about Ransomware Remediation here) and needed to make their Windows Server 2016 Domain Controller an available Terminal Server.  While we don’t recommend utilizing a Domain Controller as a Terminal Server for a myriad of reasons, as all things in the IT field go, it’s sometimes necessary to improvise.

The following guide assumes an existing Domain Controller is in place:
1.) Open Server Manager and open the Add Roles and Features Wizard
Windows Server Manager Dashboard

2.) Select Remote Desktop Services Installation
Remote Desktop Services Installation

3.) Select Standard Deployment (if applicable)

4:) Select Session Based Desktop Deployment (if applicable)

5:) Install the following RDS Role Services to the Server:
Remote Desktop Connection Broker
Remote Desktop Web Access
Remote Desktop Host

6:) Confirm installation and deploy


A reboot may be necessary.
After installations is complete, all members of “Remote Desktop Users” group will have access to the terminal server.


by:  Michael Schneider, Jr.