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Concise Remote Support Instructions

At Concise, we are all about efficiency! One way that we increase our productivity is by working remotely. If you've worked with us already – chances are you're familiar with our remote support service. If a technician leaves the office, we must charge a destination fee and a 1 hour minimum. With remote service, we are able to lower the minimum to 30 minutes!

    Remote software allows your screen (or screens!) to be shared with a Concise technician as if they were there. The software that Concise uses is called TeamViewer. We host the download for this software on our website (www.concise.com) to make it easy to find and install.

    Here is how to install the software:

1. From the main page (concise.com), look in the upper right hand corner and click on Remote Support.

2. If the downloaded file does not automatically open, you may need to look near the bottom of the Internet browser. For Chrome, double-click the file. For Internet Explorer, clicking Run is easier. If you click Save you will need to go to your Downloads folder afterwards.

3. Click Next. Then click Company / Commercial use, then click Next. Accept the License Agreement, then click Next.

4. Set up Unattended Access by clicking Next. There is a glitch here where the computer name and password fields do not show the characters! You will fill out these fields when on the phone with the Concise technician. Know that if you are typing in the box, it is accepting your input. You will not be able to click Next to finish unless the password fields match.

5. The last step is to click Finish! The Concise remote access software is now installed.

    The TeamViewer software runs in the background on your computer at all times. This can be useful if you request work be done on your computer while you are out running errands or doing other work. We will only access your computer with your permission. If you are concerned about the remote access software running in the background, TeamViewer can be configured to be turned on and off at your convenience, ask your Concise technician to show you how!

by:  David Zuchora

Senior Technician